Julia and Barney on the Barney Bed

The Barney Bed was created for my beloved Barney. This isn’t the first product Barney has inspired me to produce. Back in in 2013, when he was just a 10 week old puppy, apartment life wasn’t so simple when he was learning the ropes of toilet training. Puppy pads and fake grass stank and he always missed! I experimented with placing real grass on the balcony- although it was a huge, muddy mess I was amazed at how quickly the little fluff ball learnt to pee and poo in one spot on the grass!

We were on to something… but it needed to be mess free and easy to receive fresh grass. This little experiment gave birth to Potty Plant Grass Dog Toilets. Australia’s first real grass dog toilet and grass subscription service.

Barney and I have helped tens of thousands of dogs young and old, adapt to apartment living by providing their owners with the much needed Potty Plant system.

Fast forward 5 years as Barney began his transition into senior-hood I began searching for the perfect bed for him.

One that was supportive to his joints and muscles. One that made him sigh in contentment at the end of the day. I love how cute and comfortable he is when he props his head up on the couch arm (couches are not off limits at home) so I wanted to make sure all these things were included in the design process.

We wanted it to come out of a box and be ready to use without having to assemble any parts.

The memory foam had to be the best density foam for the best chin resting and the base had to have structure and softness. The cover had to be EASY to remove and wash and I didn’t ever want to contemplate throwing out a dirty whole bed again! The inner water-resistant lining protects the foam from water/pee/vomit/poo/dust mites. I also wanted it to blend in with my furniture and not look like a dog bed.I know Barney and his friends absolutely love the Barney bed and we cant wait for your dog to have their best sleep!